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F & G Trucks Controller Area Network (CAN) Schematics

F & G Trucks Starting and Charging System Wiring Diagram

F & G Trucks Starting and Charging System Wiring Diagram

Isuzu F-series History

The Isuzu F-series cars include trucks with a gross weight of 9-26 tons of 4x2, 4x4, 6x2 and 6x4 wheel formulas. Forward trade name they are not only in Japan, but in most other countries of sale.


Recall that the intermediate family of cars is heavier than the Elf, but lighter than the Giga


In the designation of cars of the family, the first letter F indicates the chassis under the superstructure, and if G is at the beginning of the marking, then this is a Forward truck tractor.


The letter on the second position encrypts the total mass range: R - from 9 to 11 tons, S - from 11 to 13 tons, T - from 13 to 15 tons and V - over 15 tons.


The third letter indicates the wheel formula: R - 4x2, M - 6x2, S - 4x4, Z - 6x4. Two digits in fourth and fifth positions indicate the engine used. In particular, 90 (or 75) are 4-cylinder engines of the 4HK1 series, and 6-6HK1 engines have the number 34. The letter S in the sixth position is encrypted with the chassis with dependent (beam) suspension of all wheels and pneumatic-hydraulic brakes.